Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm Moving!

Just wanted to quickly thank you all for following me through this blog these past few years - but I just felt it was time to move on. With that said - please visit my new blog at:

See you on the flip side!

-the hair guy

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Lately I have been receiving a number of questions about hair and hair products - so it only made sense that I start a Q&A portion to my blog. I love being able to give advice and really put into practice what I have learned over the years :) So please, keep the questions coming!

Q: So I got the flat iron and the Heat Tamer Spray (TRESemme). What should I use after using the flat iron? TRESeeme has a curl locking styling spray (extra hold) should I be using it? my hair is very fine so its extremely difficult for the curls to last ( that's why I had to perm it a couple years ago). I really hope I can do it with a flat iron.

Thanks for your advice in advance!

A: First off, GREAT question because a lot of women who have fine hair struggle with volume and lasting curls. For those with fine hair - a flat iron will be your best friend because unlike traditional curling irons, they distribute heat more evenly throughout the hair and give you much fuller curls.

However, before you even think about using any sort of hot tool, it is important that you use a good shampoo that will clean your scalp well and add some volume then follow through with a light conditioner to moisturize the hair. If you are worried about the conditioner being too heavy, just work it mid-shaft down rather than from the roots.

Towel dry hair and prep your hair with a heat tamer/protector. When choosing styling products, use sprays over mousses or gels which just way down the hair. The general rule of thumb is to use the right amount of product for your hair type. If you have fine hair, a little goes a long way whereas if you have a thick mane, more is needed. Whatever type, be sure to use a wide tooth comb and distribute it evenly through. Blow Dry hair and make sure hair is fully dry. I recommend using a shine spray just before you flat iron. Spray onto hands and rub between palms and again work it mid-shaft down.

Alright, onto the fun stuff. When working with your flat iron, hotter isn't always better! With fine hair, you don't want to over heat because it will just damage it and make it even more frizzy. Start on the lowest temperature and work your way up if needed. Take small sections for more fullness (about 1 - 1 1/2 inches). Clamp the flat iron horizontally from the root, turn it about a 180 degree down and gently run the tool down the hair. The key is, the tighter you press your flat iron, the tighter your curls. If you want a more beachy look, same idea, clamp down and turn 180 degrees, however, rather than going straight down, angle your iron at 45 degrees and work through. Always remember you want to direct the curls away from your face (if you can) rather than inwards, which is more flattering.

Finish off by adding a little shine spray and a light coat of hair spray to set it.

Hope that helps! Stayed tuned for more tips!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Congrats Joanna & Stan - April 23, 2011!

Meeting Joanna was a total fluke! For those of you who don't know, Joanna is the genius and founder behind the ever popular Henkaa dresses, which seems to be the choice of dress for many of brides this season. I stumbled upon their Facebook page through a friend of all things lol. I originally contacted Joanna with hopes of having them sponsor their amazing dresses for the Onyx event I coordinated for the Odette Cancer Centre. Let`s just say it was the longest email EVER and not because I had a lot to say, rather I had no idea how to ask so they knew I was legit lol. My original plan was to just buy meters of fabric from Fabricland and draping it over the girls, but when I saw how versatile the Henkaa dresses were, I just knew it would complete the look. Once I hit the send button - I was pretty pessimistic, but the minute Joanna responded and graciously offered to help, I was in total shock and overjoyed. On a side note, this was the first time I met the groom before the bride because Joanna was in India, so Stan stepped in for her lol. He was such a nice and down to earth guy and I was so honored that he and their assistant Cindy attended to make sure the dresses were spot on!

Anyway, back to their wedding! Joanna mentioned in passing in one of our emails that she was getting married and was looking for a stylist, so of course I was all in for it. I actually didn`t hear back from her until April LOL, so when she asked if I were available, I was shocked AGAIN!

It was right around the time I was about to start teaching at Blo, so I asked Joanna to be a model and we can do her trial at the same time since we were short on time. I thought for sure she would say no because it wasn`t the most personal and she would be in front of strangers. However, she agreed to and that`s how we first met...3 weeks before her wedding :P Joanna and I had some fun conversations - I`m really not sure how she fit everything into her days. I can`t even tell you what an insane schedule she had :S Made me stressed for her! But she seemed quite composed. We decided on a second trial the week before her wedding just to make sure we tweeked the look so it was just right and then we were off to the races.

Saturday morning...what can I say...I was up at 3:15am to start the day. It was cold, windy and raining, really NOT the best weather to wake up to. Crystal and I made it to the hotel by 5:00am in Mississauga where the girls were still sleeping...let`s face it, any one of us would be too lol. I was extremely nervous because I really didn`t want to screw this up. Joanna and I have some mutual friends, some of which were previous brides, friends in the industry and upcoming I knew a lot of eyes would be on my work. Thank GOD everything worked out and her girls were happy! What a funny bunch they were. Laughter and tears...makes any day that much more special. I always knew that Jo was a caring person and even though her girls playfully teased her about being a push over, I am and was so appreciative that she agreed to be a part of Onyx and also for sharing this moment with me.

Joanna looked absolutely stunning in her Qi Pao (red Chinese dress) as she was doing the tea ceremony first. Though I did not get to see her in the actual wedding gown, I got a glimpse through Facebook lol and wow, just wow. The girls of course sported beautifully custom made pink Henkaa dresses!

To Joanna and Stan - I am so glad that we met and thank you for being so kind in your willingness to help me with my event. I was so happy to be a part of this and from I saw, it looked like everything turned out perfectly! You made it! lol. Hope you both get some time to just be together and finally take a well deserved and needed break. Wishing you all the best in your love as a married couple and continued success with Henkaa :) Looking forward to working with you both again!

What a perfect day it ended up being...the weather totally cleared up and the temperature sky rocketed up!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Coif

I think it's safe to say that all eyes will be on Kate Middleton tomorrow morning when she walks down the aisle at the West Minister Abbey. Speculation of what she will be wearing started the minute they announced their engagement and well, it's kind of ridiculous. I mean, it's taken a life of its own. This has been the biggest thing since Madonna kissed Britney at the MTV Music Awards or Tiger Wood's infidelity.

However, to chime in all the Royal Wedding frenzy - I got thinking, while her dress may be THE most important thing being photographed at tomorrow's nuptials, in my eyes, a bad coif can kill even the most stunning gown. So here are my predictions/picks for the soon-to-be Princess and her locks.

Option #1: Kickin' it Old School

I think there's this misconception that tight updo's and tiaras are old fashion, out of style and only meant to be worn with puffy shoulders and full length sleeves. Think the 80's and even early 90's - you'll see what I mean. Well - when you're being crowned a princess and entering the Royal family - I actually think it's the most appropriate look. It's meant to be cinematic and dramatic (bonus points to someone who can tell me what song that's from)...a real life movie where literally billions of people will be watching. Key for Kate to keep it modern and fresh - full pull back, volume on top and sleek on the sides...flat head = no good! I wouldn't suggest a full donut bun, but something with texture and visual interest, profile is key.

Move the back a little higher and you've got an ideal formal updo fit for royalty...the crown's gotta sit somewhere! Go big or go home!

Option #2: Sheer Romance

She's marrying a Prince for crying out loud - of course it's supposed to be romantic. If Kate decides not to go classic and sophisticated, option #2 proves to be the perfect coif for her mane. We are so used to seeing her with perfectly blown out hair - voluminous and bouncy. So if she's going for a more "natural" look, a halfie will do just that. With some added curl and some slight pinning, it will transform her from common girl to Princess Bride. She'll probably need to add some extensions for added volume and length to complete the look.

Option #3: An Element of Surprise

If it's a show they want, then it's a show she should give. Forget tradition and forget the romance - Kate should take the chance to show her true fashion sense with a trendy updo. Whether it's to the side or slightly messy - Kate has years to be reserved so this would be the ultimate statement. Think about it - it's a combination of can it be bad? lol. All in all - I don't know that I would suggest this if all she's going to get is backlash. However, she's still young and I think her hair should reflect that! Let's give them something to talk

As long as they keep her face shape in mind - any modified version of the styles above can't go wrong. Whatever she decides will have the haters, so there's no way ONE style will satisfy the entire world watching. But one thing is for sure - Kate is an iconic image, the IT girl right now, so whatever ends up on her head tomorrow will bring on a whole new trend in world wedding hair.

What style do you think suits her?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Update: Tracy Liu`s Wedding - December 4, 2010

After seeing Tracy earlier today - I just had to give a special shout out to her! And this time around, I actually have photos from her beautiful wedding day :)

Mirza from Wandering Eye Photography did an AMAZING job capturing some of the most memorable moments. You can check them out below:

In case you've forgotten, click HERE to read all about Tracy & Erick's special day! Great seeing you today!

Tracy looking stunning with her 9, yes 9 bridesmaids :)


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Congrats Michelle - April 16th, 2011

Michelle may go down in my books as one of THE most calming bride ever. That may also be because she was super organized and had everything done wayyy in advanced, but nevertheless this made it so easy to work with her!

Talk about being organized - Michelle originally emailed me back on March 5, 2010.. she was clearly doing her homework more than a year in advanced and booking vendors lol. After a few brief, but pleasant emails, by March 10th - she was ready to book without even doing a trial!!!

"I've already seen your work on your website and Joee's, Im really confident in your work so we're ready to book with you for our hair up-do on my wedding!"

Crazy eh? lol. Good thing though because I did have 3 other brides inquire later on!

Agreeing to be a part of this wedding was like twisting a rubber arm. I heard that superstar Joee was shooting and that the ever beautiful Rhia was doing makeup....I mean, c''s a no brainer! These two just inspire me constantly with their talent and passion. It was awesome to also see long time friend and up n' coming photog, Andrew, second shoot :)

With 8 people in total needing their hair done, I was fortunate to have my bestie Crystal come and join me in getting everyone ready. It was like my ideal morning - peaceful and efficient lol. Michelle's family was incredibly sweet and that was just the cherry on top. Michelle had mentioned that she wanted to put her hair up in the evening, so I quickly gave a lesson to her mom, sister and JOEE. lol. This obviously proved to come in handy as it was a team effort :)

All in all - loved this wedding! There really is nothing I would have changed that morning because not only did I have the chance to work with someone who fully trusted me and my work - but I was surrounded by an incredible crew of genuine Friendors to work with. I'm sure from the sneak-peek-o-vision, you can see they rocked this wedding. And what a good looking couple!

Congrats Michelle & JR - judging by the photos, it looked like a fantastic celebration and party! Thank you for being so kind! I hope that life only brings you both a multitude of happiness and love!

For Michelle, we did a very romantic Halfie and for her girls, sleek but soft Leaning Tower of Pisa's!

(Rhia in the background who did an awesome job as usual! See you Sat Rhia!! lol)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Congrats Vivian - March 19, 2011! season has just begun and I am already 3 weddings behind lol. I really need to not make this a habit! With that said, I was so fortunate to have been a part of Vivian's wedding, who was referred to me by the very sweet Bea and Sonya.

Here's how it all went down. When I first met with Vivian for her trial, we hit it off right away. I realized just how important trials really are - not just to get the hair right, but because it really gives both the bride and I the chance to chat and get to know each other. I will admit that when I first started with this business, I already had a pre-conceived notion about what I could talk about with the bride, but as the years have past (man, I feel so old saying that lol) I have learned that you can't over think it and just go with the flow. Everything just comes so much more natural and you really do get to know someone on such a more meaningful level.

I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Vivian because she was so easy going and had a great sense of humor. For her big day, we opted for a very sophisticated yet trendy Leaning Tower of Pisa. Vivian rocked it! She looked absolutely stunning! Not to mention, Sonya did an amazing job with her was the first time I got to see her in action and she was PRO :)

It was also nice that Vivian, Odelia (one of her bridesmaids/cousin) and I got to share a quiet moment in the morning and shared some laughs. Her girls actually wore the slate grey Henkaa dresses, the same ones I used for the ONYX event back in November! I think at least 5 of my brides this year have chosen these versatile, flirty and figure flattering dresses for their weddings. 2012 Brides....check them out...very worthwhile!

Vivian - all I can say is that it was such a pleasure being a part of your big day. Thank you for being such a wonderful person and keeping it so real. I hope you and Justin share a beautiful life together :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mane Attraction

I will be the first to admit that braids were not my favorite thing before. I thought they were slightly childish and corny due to the fact that when I thought of them, I thought of an elementary school girl on picture day.

However, with the popularity of The Hills and the infamous "Lauren Conrad braid", the French Braid was revolutionized. It is the easiest way to transform any hair style - from romantic, to edgy and everything in between. So whether you want to get those pesky bangs off your face or create a little drama - it's a look that everyone can sport. Something I call, effortless chic.